Brightwater Residents urged to Lock it or Lose it and report suspicious activity to Police.

Brightwater Residents unfortunately have been victims of “soft target” thefts over the past few weeks with an increase in the number of cars being entered, items stolen from garages and houses under construction within Brightwater.  Disturbingly, a large percentage of cases the vehicles and property were unsecured.

Whilst the actual number is not high, from experience we know that if we make it easy for criminals, they have a tendency to return and also pass this information onto other criminal associates.

A 17 year old male was recently charged with a multitude of property related offences that occurred within Brightwater last week and is currently in Police custody. The method of this particular individual would be to walk the streets and check for vehicles on the road way and driveways that were insecure. The offender would then approach a closed, but unlocked door of vehicles and open it by using the door handle. The offender would then enter the vehicle and search through the consoles of the vehicles and other areas, looking for items of value, including loose change, mobile phones, iPads etc; If the vehicle was locked, the offender moved on and kept checking door handles until vehicles that were insecure were located and entered them. The offender has then closed the doors of the vehicles and has decamped from the area undetected.

There are a few simple things that people can do to help prevent their vehicles and/or their valuables being stolen.

  • Lock vehicles and remove their valuables, even whilst parked at home in driveways or on the street.
  • Lock garages, Do not have valuables on display (especially in open garages where the roller door is left up)
  • Secure property
  • Report Suspicious activity

The Brightwater Neighbourhood Watch Police Liaison Officer, Senior Constable Strain has diligently been performing door knocks over the weekend of the affected areas and has given residents the low down on how to and whom to report criminal or suspicious behaviour to. Brightwater residents in the latest stage of the development will receive their Welcome Packs and relevant Crime Prevention information in the next coming weeks.

Police within the Division will continue to focus patrols in and around the Brightwater Estate in order to reduce these types of offences. If you believe your vehicle may have been entered last week at Brightwater, but are unsure if any property was stolen, still report the matter via Policelink.

A public meeting will be held to discuss some of the issues that Brightwater Residents have been facing of late and encourage all residents to attend to have your say and help provide a pro-active approach to minimising the anti-social and property offending Brightwater is unfortunately currently experiencing.

The details for the public meeting are as follows:

When: Thursday the 13th of April 2017 at 6:30pm – 8:30pm

Where: Lake house Function Centre (Next to the Brightwater Hotel at 15 Freshwater Street, Mountain Creek)

Representatives of the QPS, the Sunshine Coast Council and Brightwater Neighbourhood Watch will be in attendance.

Residents should report any suspicious behaviour, suspicious vehicles, or any other unusual occurrence to Police link on 131 444 or in an emergency Triple Zero.


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